Is it Possible to get a axapta report in excel sheet?

Hi Friends,

i want axapta report in excel sheet.

If i save the axapta report it shows only PDF, HTML and Text.

How can i convert the report to the excel directly from axapta?

Thanks in advance.

Use HTML and save the file as .xls

Hi Kranthi.

Thanks for your valuable response.

Ok. It is one of the way to convert to the excel.

But Client asked like

They want a excel sheet directly from the axapta report.

Because they going to take more report in the excel sheet. They cant convert to html and again convert to excel.

Is it possible because there is no option to convert directly to the excel?



In DAX 2009, there is no out of the box solution for generating Excel reports. You may have to develop this.

Only SSRS reports give you that option.

Hi Arun ,

Its posible , u can save the report direcally in excel. only add a new SysPrintFileType xls. and defined the File micros .xls and modified the four methos in sysPrinForm(isSingleLargePageValid,checkFileType,changeFormat and findFileNameType)