Is it possible to delete all entries


Is it possible to delete all entries in a NAV 2013? If you would like to test a setup, trying to post different things, and then when the setup is ok, you want to delete all entries - leaving only master and setup data.




Its not possible to delete all entries from all table from NAV, but instead of deleting from NAV you can write a stored procedure in SQL and delete all the entries.But as a NAV consultant i will not suggest Delete option instead of that you can create a new company and try to setup based on your requirement and post the record.


Marshal. J

Correct. Best practice is not to delete the entries but to use RapidStart and create a set which will transfer all the data you want to keep (setup and master data) to a new company.

I’m aware of rapid start, but i come from Dynamics C5 where we have a function like i descriped. I will go with rapid start :slight_smile:

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You will also be able to find similar functions for NAV to download from different sites. The problem is that they are often created for a specific version so that they will not work for others. With the RapidStart you will be able to build a package matching your installation, so that you just can reuse it next time you have to create a new test database.

And when that has been said, then I remember that Microsoft actually told us that it would be so easy to create new databases, test databases etc. with NAV 2013. At least I would have expected that they created a basic configuration which would match the local NAV version in each country.

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Yes, having a standard worksheet template would be great. Maybe some day we can find one under “downloads” :slight_smile: