Is it possible to change the font used for displaying the the source code ?

Is there a windows registry key that can be modified so I change the fonts use in the C/AL editor ?

After more than a decade using certainly the worst developer font ever, I thought it’s about time to switch to a nicer developer font (if that’s possible!)

Any tips and advice for achieving this are welcome :slight_smile:

Hi Tarek,

The method described in this thread (Girish Joshi’s entry) should do it.
I don’t know wich font is used in the C/AL-editor though, so i can’t tell you wich entry to modify/create.


Aonther option is to upgrade to NAV 2009 classic client and then you get colour coded C/AL code.

Yes, correct.
However i think that Tarek, as a freelancer, works with several older versions, and developing objects for e.g. 3.70, using a NAV2009-client could result in (by accident) using some command that isn’t avaiable in 3.70 (FINDSET could be one)…

Hi Tarek,

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