Is it possible to add a record in microsoft navision via web service

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This is my first question on here and i have absolutely no idea about Microsoft Nav so it might sound very basic.

I have a client who are using Microsoft navision as their POS system, i am creating a separate web application an online store, i need to generate “reservation numbers” and add a record programmatically to the nav system, because it needs be reflected there, and all the associated tables (or entities) needs to be updated, so i am assuming that Microsoft Nav probably provides a web service architecture with which this is possible. Please help me with that. I have searched for this on the internet to no avail i am open to other solutions if they work fine.

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Look at this link

Hi Amol,

Thank you so much for your response, i am sure this is exactly what i was looking for, just one question, is it technically possible to generate a reservation number without adding a record?


You can use the NoSeriesMgt to get the next number and commit that a number has been used (efectively “reserving that number” or manually do this with th [Last No.] in the number series line table. The nice thing aobut using the codeunit is it applies all Number Series business logic for you.

If you are storing the “reserved” number in another table, you will need to make sure that the document you are going to insert with that number later allows manual numbers.

Hi Teresa,

Thank you for your valuable reply, i think that the record will need to be inserted to the main table (i mean i am sure that there will be a table where all of the basic information of a record is kept) and the number will need to be unique although not necessarily the primary key of the table but still unique.

Is there anything else that i need to look out for?


If you are actually intending to reserve the product, I would put in an order and just delete it if the customer changes thier mind. If your intent is to just save a number so you have the right sequence, read more abut the code unit and the table I mentioned above. If you really need to reserve a serialized item and it has to be that one, look into item reservations. Ther should be a witepaper about inventory and reservations should be a part of it.

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The Dynamics NAV webservice is an advanced tool - you can do exactly what you are asking, and much more. Depending on your task in hand you should talk with your Client about what Dynamics NAV reseller they are connected to. The Reseller should be able to not only explain to you how to use the webservice-option but also created the webservices for you, so all you have to do is to use’em correctly.


Thank you for your reply, i have contacted my client and told him already to make a web service for me and yes NAV web service is indeed a great tool.

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Hi Teresa,

Although i did not understand much of your answer because i am not familiar with NAV that much but still thank you for your valuable reply, i have told me client to get a web service developed for me with that functionality.