Is it necessary to install kerberos authentication for showing a Reporting Services report in Enterprise Portal?

Hi all, I’m working with Dynamics AX 2009 and I’m trying to show a Reporting Server report in Enterprise Portal though a web part. When I do it I get the error:

“An error occurred while trying to display the report from the folder. This error was caused by the following exception: Cannot read information from SQL Server Reporting Services. Validate that the Report Manager URL is correct.”.

When I access to “Finance” tab in enterprise portal, I get the same error in all the web parts.

I have been looking for on the internet, and I have only found that is necessary to configure Kerberos Authentication and SPN in my servers, is it right??? Because now I don’t have it configured.

Greetings and thanks in advance.

Hi Primavera,

Were you by any chance able to resolve the issue? If so, could you please let em know what was needed to be configured. I am currently facing the same issue.



Hi Tarun,

Can you access report from Report server?


Hi Ishak,

I am unable to view the SSRS report using the forms-based authentication website. This happens on all the servers including the one on which SSRS / Report Server is hosted (database server in my case). The URL follows the following convention: HTTPS://WebServerName:PortNo/EnterprisePortal.

However, when I view the SSRS report over the internal Enterprise Portal (default) with an HTTP url, I am able to generate the report.