is it necessary to create windows login in NAV 2013

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I have installed NAV 2013 in server and now i want to connect the server from the client PCs. Is it compulsory that the users must be in same domain or jst same internet connection is enough?? i have created the logins with the sql credentials and also users in the nav database but whenever i try to login with my credentials i get this error which i have attached here in this post. i am not getting where am i getting wrong in the setup. i have setup “UserName” in Clientusersettings.

0714.error connecting to server.JPG



You need add the users in NAV2013 RTC under

CRONUS Nederland BV/Departments/Administration/IT Administration/General/Users

You can login to database with Windows from which you have installed.

if not, try this blog

Hi Suman,

For other options then windows login in NAV 2013 read -

Thanks Mohana and Saurav Dhyani… :slight_smile: You guys saved my day…!!!



Hi Saurav,

One more question as i am new in NAV 2013, will the user as i have created using “NAVuserpassword” be created in SQL or not??

It might be a sily question but i am a beginner in NAV 13 setup so it will of great help to me.

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