Is it mandatory to use Regular Table if my Dp class extends srsreportdataproviderpreprocess?

What is the use of this statement reportData.setConnection(this.parmUserConnection()); Why we need to include this in processReport method.

Thanks in advance.

Yes SrsReportDataProviderPreProcess is used with regular tables, but you can also SrsReportDataProviderPreProcessTempDB, which uses TempDB table. (It was introduced in R3 and I see you’ve tagged the question with R3, so it will work for you). Using TempDB is the preferred way.

The user connection doesn’t seem to be used by SrsReportDataProviderPreProcess in the moment, but it is used by SrsReportDataProviderPreProcessTempDB. I would call it in all cases; then you can easily change the implementation without changing all code.