Is EmplTable part of HRM Module or Basic Module

Hi everbody

Is EmplTable part of HRM Module or Basic Module? I can see Employee in Basic menu as well as Human Resource menu so it is right that EmplTable is actually part of Basic Madule.


Hi Jazib, Actually Axapta is an integrated product with different modules, so you may find lots of things common among different modules.

Ideally EmplTable is a part of HRM module. But employees are in use across Axapta.

Say ,in AR, also Sales Responsible is the employee.

It belongs to Basic functionality module.

At least that’s what you can see from the Security Keys on the table.

But yes, it is used in many places throughout the application

Yes, Ivan and Jazib, Employee table is a part of Basic module. My mistake.

Thanks for making me correct Ivan.

Thanks Ivan and manish for the help.