Is Dynamics AX right for us?

Hi, I know this is a bit of a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question but I’m hoping existing AX customers stumble across this post and can share their experience.

We’re currently in the process of evaluating Ax for our business. We’re in the mining services industry (drilling) and have operations in multiple countries, mainly in Africa. Each country is a separate legal entity. However, we run very lean on admin/ accounting staff in our countries and a lot of data is entered centrally.

We only run 1 central server, on which everybody logs on using remote desktop.
Now, I know that AX can run multiple entities under one instance, but are there any customers out there that actually have multiple legal entities, but data entry happens centralised?

My concern is, that users are constantly busy, logging in/out of companies in order to enter data for different legal entities.
Also, some processes like running an AP revaluation can’t just be run in one go for all the entities. The user would have to log on to every company and run it individually.

Any customers out there with a similiar set up?
Would really appreciate some feedback.