Ipad accessible

Ipad accessible? I notice that on this website when I try to post a comment while using an Ipad that the pop up keyboard does not appear as on all other websites. Is that because the post a comment screen is flash based?

Sorry it should have been a new post, but for those who haven’t tried an Ipad - whenever you touch the screen is an area that allows you to type anything a pop-up keyboard appears. But not on Dynamicsuser.net.

Ok I split the post so that it appears as a new post!

I’m sorry I have never tried IPad, but before I start doing anything about it (only 0.17% of our visitors uses IPad), can you tell me if you have t the same problem on other Community Server websites: (ex. http://blogs.msdn.com/ )

Or maybe other users experience the same problems?

I’ve been using it for about 2 months now and I’ve noticed so far (& I’ll will try other various sites) that at the bottom of the screen where you can Post a Comment/Solution to: … It just won’t allow me to type anything into that space. Maybe it’s safari? maybe it’s something else but it appears that it doesn’t notice that spot as an area you can enter info into.

Hope that made sence.