Invoicing at Month End

Since I’ve found this place… We are a hire company using a niche development from our VAR to handle the Hire industry requirements. We do also sell items and use the standard Axapta routines for this. We have found that when invoicing we would like to select items that have been delivered prior to a particular date to process transactions in the appropriate month. We find that the invoicing routine selects all transactions for processing regardless of the delivery date even when we have specified this in the invoice proposal selection parameters. So Say we run invoicing on the 4th October, the last time we have run it prior to this was the 28th September, and we want only September deliveries included because we select a posting date of 30th September, we are not able to do this and all deliveries upto 4th October are invoiced and then posted into September period. Anyone with any bright ideas? Many thanks. John Warne Axapta v2.5

Hi The smartest way would of course be to have another enum option “Delivered until” (in the enum where you can specify “Deliver Now”/“All”/“Delivered”) and a new field to enter the date. Then you would need to change the method where the lines are filled up in the SalesUpdate form. The “faster” way could be: write a class that will ask for a date and then put for all delivered items (until that date) the delivered quantity in the “Deliver Now” field of the SalesLine. Then in the SalesUpdate form, you could just say “Deliver Now” in the enum and will get all lines that had been delivered until the date you specified earlier in the class. You cannot use it, though, if you already use the “Deliver Now” field for other purposes. The “Deliver Now” should IMHO also be renamed to “Book now” because it has nothing to do with delivering.

This is a weakness in Axapta that we faced also. We eventually had a modification written that allowed us to invoice by pack slip, rather than everything in a status of packed. As part of the same change the date shipped (packed) was added to the selection criteria. Good luck, Bruce

Hey, we just have the modification working. We are able month end billing without problems, if some of you are interested contact me, by. Do you want register purchase invoice by packing slip? No problem. We have it too.