invoicing a one time customer

We need to invoice a customer who is not in our database and we need not keep track of them also

Is it possible

Do you need to sell items on this invoice?

Usually invoices need a customer record; so you must create a Sundry Customer and then enter the order specific name and address details.

yes we need to sell items for eg let us consider a grocery shop x comes and buys a product so x details need not be recorded

You could create a generic customer for that purpose. For example you could create a customer for all your sales in cash.

You always will need to inset the details in invoice but it’s only a matter of layout to display or not to display details.

suppose i want to capture the details of a person directly without creating a generic customer type

for eg if i am a dealer for some paint and one customer come and purchases 100 litres of paint and he is not going to come for the second time

i may have n sucn new customers everyday who are not going to come the next time but for my accounting purpose i have to have the details of that one time customer in that case can i make a direct invoice by keying in the name of the customer without having him in my database

So in summary you want not to keep the individual records of customers, but want the ability to invoice to each individual customer?

In this case create a generic customer as suggested and overtype the name and address details on each invoice.