Invoice Register Issue


I am trying to register an invoice in the invoice register (PL>Journal>Invoice>Invoice Register).

And I am unable to, an info log pops-up with a message saying - “Invoice inv_2509 was already used on date 18/08/2013”

Please suggest on rectifying this.

Please refer attached screenshot of the infolog.


seems an Invoice is already been registered with that number. Try giving a different Invoice number.

Great Santosh - your solution is verified.

However, I am trying to understand why do we need to register invoices when it has already got registered, and that to with a different invoice number.

Also, when I tried to search pre-registered invoice with invoice number as above, I could not find it in the invoice register list if it has already been register. Please suggest.

You wont need to register the invoice which is already registered, You will register an Invoice only once and after it gets approved you will post that Invoice.

Suppose you registered an invoice “Inv123” and somebody also trying to register the same invoice (by mistake), system stops it. (You have the parameter to control)

That might the Invoice which is already posted. You can go to AP>Inquiries>Journals>Invoice, Filter the Invoice number field.

Thanks Santosh.

then in what circumstances do we need to register the invoice manually? What is the purpose of doing so?



you will register the invoice in a case when your company follows a strict approving process before posting the original invoice.

-You register the invoice

  • then your boss will approve it through Invoice approval journal

then it can be posted