Invoice Register, Dynamics AX 2009

What is the purpose of 2009 AP Invoice Register? Why do the invoices have to be manually added?

Go through the following link. It should help you:



The purpose of invoice register is depend on the process of your company. If your company wants to register the invoice before you acknowledge it as a payable. Register the invoice in invoice register then approve it in the invoice approval journal. Another purpose is if you want to monitor the invoices. But If your company dont need this process, you may direct the transaction in invoice journal .

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Good explanation Tsukihime.

Thank you, Tsukihime.

We are using the invoice register as a way to accrue invoices that have not been approved. We created a balance sheet account called “unapproved invoices” and use that as the arrival account. In the posting profile, the same account number is used as the offset, but we override that with the appropriate general ledger account when registering the invoices. Then when approving the invoice, we put that same account number in the blank line and add lines if needed.

The problem I am having is that if we have several lines of coding, I can’t see any way to include that when registering the invoice. Does anyone have any suggestions?


In our organization we use PO registration to allocate Batch numbers and serial numbers to the items