Invoice proposal currency different to the Transaction currency

Hi, We have enable the Currency on the Project Invoice proposal form. System now does allow to override the currency to a different one from the transactions currency.

For Ex:- Contract Currency = USD, Time sheet has been posted with USD as well and now when creating the Invoice proposal (IP) we are allowing to select EUR.

We are getting the error “Transaction Voucher Balance do not match”. Please let us know about the below things.

  1. Are we allowed to override the currency?

  2. What are the things we need to make sure are proper is YES for the first question.

  3. What are the known risks.


Hey Bharath,

Thanks for asking the question. Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer for you, but hopefully someone here does!


Where are you overriding the currency? What does the joural look like before and after (possible to post screen shots?)?

Hi Adam, thank for the reply. As said earlier we have enabled the currency field on the IP and here is the screen shot from the Project management accounting>Common>Project Invoices>Project Invoice proposals.


Ah sorry my misunderstanding - if you have altered the properties of a field that is non-changeable as standard (presumably because the contract drives it) then you need to also customise all related processes to handle the different currencies and the application and posting of the financial accounts and currency roundings. The question would be if you have configured the contract for a currency which is the contract, why do you want to change it at proposal?

In summary you have customised the solution to start do do something you want, but you have to follow the solution through and make all of the required changes.