Invoice prior to receipt

Our vendors usually send invoice before the goods have arrived. How to achieve something like:

  1. Enter the invoice to the system before purchase order lines have been received

  2. Hold the payment of the invoice until goods arrived

  3. Receive the PO lines

  4. Release invoice for payment.

I am sure it is very common that invoice will come before goods. You still want to keep accurate book of incoming invoices.

If this was not possible, you’d need a an external system to list invoices with goods not yet arrived.

Any ideas? Customization needed?

Suggestion without customization below:

  1. Create a goods in transit warehouse

  2. Every purchase order will be created with the GIT warehouse

3.Post invoice on PO when invoice is received from Vendor (Hereby having items in the GIT warehouse)

  1. When items arrive, use inventory transfer journal in inventory management module to move items from GIT to Main warehouse.

  2. Generate Purchase invoice for payment.

What do you think?

By searching for more information, I found out it is actually possible to save an invoice without posting it.

So, my understanding is that with a three-way-matching in use I can enter an invoice and try to match it to PO. That will fail. I can now save the invoice. I will find the invoice from Pending invoices and when goods receipt has been done, I can post the invoice.

Is this correct?