Invoice Posting Error

Hi All
Could you please give to me below 3 error solution. when i posting the invoice journal, viewing below error,

  1. Voucher AI-VI13/14_000000001, date 18/06/2013, account 211000(Accounts Payable ), transaction currency amount -10.00, accounting currency amount -10.00, reporting currency amount -1,000.00, currency INR, text text
  2. 1Voucher AI-VI13/14_000000001, date 18/06/2013, account 601450(Traveling Exp), transaction currency amount 10.00, accounting currency amount 10.00, reporting currency amount 0.10, currency INR, text text
  3. The transactions on voucher AI-VI13/14_000000001 do not balance as per 18/06/2013. (Accounting currency: 0.00 - reporting currency: -999.90)
    Please post the solution as soon as possible.


Hi Kishan,

Your Main account and offset account (credit and debit) value should be balance in order to post the journal. Please check it.

You can also refer below URL[voucher]+do+not+balance+as+per+[date]+-+AX+2009

Thanks JT

Am also find for this error actually this error is effecting from GL Parameters AX2012 (Maximum penny rounding in the reporting currency )

If this is related to penny difference then you can increase the value in the field at GL Parameters to acceptable limit.