Invoice needs to be paid not showing up at "suggested vendor payment"

Good day.

When running suggested vendor payments, one particular invoice that needs to be paid does not show up the list. When user A runs it, it will show up, but when user B is running it, it doesn’t show up. The problem is user B needs to be the one to run the check payments for this company. We asked another user C to try and run the vendor payment, and it also doesn’t show up. User C is supposed to have the most access. Access shouldn’t be the problem, but could it the cause be? Any help or suggestions?



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Check the Suggest Vendor Payments / Options - does user B fills in everything in there the same way as user A?

At a glance this seems to be the most likely reason of different behavior for different users, not access rights, which shouldn’t play any role here, if user is allowed to perform this task at all.


Thanks for the reply. User A and User B both do the same functions and both have rights. Actually, the vendor that needs to be paid has 2 invoices pending. One of the invoices is showing up but the other is not showing up as needed to be paid in User B’s computer. On the other hand, it is showing up at User A’s computer. Again, we asked User C to try it and it is also not showing up. Given this scenario, it is only that particular invoice that is not showing up in any other user’s when running Suggest Vendor Payment option is ran.