Invoice in two language!


I am searching the possibility to print an invoice in two simultaneously language (let’s say english and german). Is that possible without programing? I mean is there some parameter that can be setup so the labels on the invoice appear in those two language?



You can print the first. Change the users language and print again. That’s the manual way.

If you want to program it. It shouldn’t be too difficult. Try using info.language(). Place that on the init method.





I forgot to say.

You will need to set the language back at the end of the report. Otherwise it will leave your system language to the last set you did.

You can try the header and footer methods.

Thank you munib for the answer.

But the point is that I saw a document(invoice) that had the labels printed in two language. Something like this:

Item Description Price …
(Artikel) (Bezeichnung) (Preis)

And the question was if that can be made trough settings and no trough programming.

Hi adrain,

I had the same issue using English and Arabic, however it finally lead me to get the customized reports. I believe that there is no way you can do it using parameters. However, please do share on my email if you find any solution using parameters, that really would be a great help.

Waqar Ahmed

Thank you Waqar,

Your answer took me back to earth. Anyway if, by mistaken, I find the solution I will let you know.