Invoice discount problem

Hi ,

when a purchase invoice is posted where a discount is given 450 ( i can able to see that value in the Totals form - Discount field - 450 ) , this amount is need to post automatically to an account for discounts which is configured in the General ledger - > Setup - > Posting - > Accounts for automatic transactions.

But after invoice posting invoice discount amount is not posting to that account and that invoice amount also included in the to vendor.

Can i know what is the problem .


Check your discount a/c (COA) is specified correctly or not at item group. You mean invoice (discount) amount included in the vendor transactions, I’m right? At item master, if you select Total discount option then it will include the discount in the invoice. Check you’re configurations of COA.


As i said above i had configured the above accounts .


For example - Total Purchase invoice value - 1000

Invoice discount - 200

System should post the vendor balance - 800 , but it is posted as 1000. ( even though in the totals - invoice discount showing separately)

Can you elaborate above statement ?

Hey Sorry,

Please ignore this post.

I was thinking about our internal (client) issues in my mind & posted wrongly. Please apologize me.

Coming to you’re issue, i want to know the discount, what discount it is? is it cash discount or line discount at order level? do you have any Trade agreements assigned to it ? check that or did you setup any auto misc.charges?