Invoice/Despatch Note printing

My project involves migrating order entry and order processing, (pick, pack, ship), from a legacy system to Navision v3.70. I have three related questions. In the existing business process, Customer Service take orders, then trigger a batch print in the system that prints 1 copy of the invoice and 2 copies of the despatch note for each active order. All this paper is printed out in the warehouse, so before they can pick anything they have to sort it by order. With Navision, the warehouse want to take charge of printing the order documentation. They would like to view the released orders in Navision, choose a subset to work on and then print documentation for these.

  • Does Navision print despatch notes as well as invoices?
  • Can it be configured so that if you select an order or group of orders and choose a print option, it will print 1 X invoice and 2X despatch note for each order?
  • They would also like documentation printed on continuous paper, if we can find a suitable printer for them. This would mean that each invoice and despatch notes would be grouped on attached sheets when printed. Can Navision support this?

I suppose yes is the simple answer to all your questions.