[ invoice correction ] can invoice be changed after posting and what is the workaround

After we post the purchase invoice, can we change the invoice after posting.

For example, we wrongly type the invoice number, or the date ??

If cannot, is there any workaround solution ?


In AX 2012 or any version of AX it not possible to correct or change already posted invoice. It is because the posted invoice should comply with accounting standards. What you can do is create create a Credit note and can settle the wrong invoice or amount.

You can see the the below blog for the Invoice correction due to errors.



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Dear Prabu,

Thank you very much for your help.

However, How to correct the Purchase order invoice ??

Can we use the same method of correcting free text invoice with purchase order invoice ?


To reverse PO Invoice, you should raise a Purchase Return Order and reverse the transaction.


How to do that ??

  • Create another PO with minus quantity ??


Create a vendor return with negative quantity on the purchase order line in a new or existing purchase order in Procurement and sourcing → Common → Purchase Orders-> All purchase orders.

You need to select the Purchase Order type as Return Order and RMA Number. (Return Merchandise Authorization) is must.

As you told the order quantity should be negative and post the invoice.



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