Invoice Account on Vendor Invoice Journals

When I create an invoice journal where the invoice account is different to the order account (from the vendor master), the invoice still sits on my order account not my invoice account after posting my invoice journal?

But If I do the same thing using purchase orders the invoice sits on my invoice account not my order account (which is what I expect).

So is this a restriction of using vendor invoice journals? Or is there a setting that is required / manipulation of information when inputting the vendor invoice (apart from registering the invoice for the invoice account not the order account)?



On the purchase order you are making a committment for goods with a vendor and the invoice may come from a different vendor and therefore the liability is recognised here, and hopefully the invoice is processed in this manner. With a journal there is no order-from/invoice-from relationship, you have the invoice in front of you, it is from a vendor and therefore you reflect the vendor on the line. You are telling the system the which vendor the liability resides with. Basically it works differently from a PO because of the inherent processing differences. Then again I am not a financial consultant, so please feel free to await another answer!

Thansk for the clarification, on the PO side I would agree with you, I can recieve an invoice from company A but the liability exists with company B.

However I would still expect that in the same way you are invoice updating a PO, the invoice details automatically is posted to the invoice account not the order account, even if the order account provides an invoice, the balance of the invoice I would expect to sit on the invoice account as this is the account I will be paying (scenario of head office for payment and local office for invoicing). Bit suprised the same doesn’t exist…I might be wrong.

However you are telling AX the liability is with the order account by defining the vendor as this, it is an invoice journal, you are reflecting this is who the invoice is from. In the PO example you would receive the invoice from B whilst the goods are provided to A. When registering an invoice if the invoice was provided by A then legally the liability is with them as they have issued the document, in real terms it would come from B. The company that issues the invoice is naturally the one that would be paid. In these instances I believe you need to register where the invoice came from in the invoice journal, and therefore where the liability lies.

In invoice journal you are not creating any order - you are directly creating invoice : where the question of order comes here.

When you raising directly an invoice select directly the account to which you are posting the invoice.