InventTransId Generation Code


I am trying to port store data from Excel into Movement journal. Except Lot ID i am porting all data . Can any one please send me the code for generation lot ID sequence.

Thanks in advance.



Hi, Sivaram,

Try to use NumberSeq class.Use its method like, newGetNumFromCode(), newGetNum(), num(), used() etc.Pass the right parameters and it will return you the next number squence id of the required type.

For getting the next number sequence for the Lot Id, check the methods in SalesLine table or SalesLineType class > insert().

I hope , it will help you…


Hi Manish,

Thanks for reply. Is there any relation between Dimension id and LOT ID …?

if i create a record in movemnt journal manually i am able to post that record. but i f i port from excel sheet it showing below error

Posting - Journal
Journal: 000272_105
Voucher: 8064_108
Line No: 0.00
Cannot receive quantity 2.00 because inventory transactions with status Ordered, Arrived or Registered are insufficient.
The journal is not posted and the update is canceled.

Please help me how to solve this problem…

If u have any steps to port the stores data into AX please share with me .



Hi Siva,

No, there is no direct relation between Dimension Id (inventdimid) and LOT ID(inventtransid).

Lot Id is the unique key to identify the salesline or PurchLine records.

Dimension No is the unique no for the combination of Dimensions(such as Batch, Location , Pallet etc) , you are using , either on Sales or on Purchase etc.

For ex. when we create a new salesline, on the basis of Dimension combination, first Axapta finds in InventDim , there is already any record for this combination, if yes, it will pick its inventDimId and put it in Salesline.inventDimId. Otherwise, it will create a new inventDimId for this combination, and put this new inventDimId in SalesLine.inventDimId.

This is same for Purchase order also.

On Sales or Purchase lines, there is a link between inventDimId, so for each selected LOT ID, it will shows its Dimension combinations only.

For the problem, I am not sure, so don’t want to give any suggestion. Really sorry for that…

For porting the data into Axapta, you can port by EXCEL or by CSV files. Make sure that all fields of your table, should be extended by some EDT. Put valid data in the excel columns. You can put validations also, for the data consistency, at the time of insertion of data into tables.

Hope, it will help you somehow…