InventTrans.Qty and VendPackingSlipTrans.Qty are not same - AX 2009

Hi All,

We are facing very critical problem in our inventory.

We recevied item1 of quantity= 301.320 through purchase order and when we print packing slip it shows same quantity i.e. VendPackingSlipJour.Qty or VendPackingSlipTrans.Qty = 301.320 BUT when we see the item transaction i.e. Item1 transaction, it shows InventTrans.Qty = 2853.040 (which is our total quantity of an item1 in purchase order).

This difference in InventTrans.Qty and VendPackingSlipTrans.Qty makes a huge difference in Finance.

I would like AX technocrats to please help me on this issue.

Can any one guide me where I can find this calculation of InventTrans.Qty and VendPackingSlipTrans.Qty transaction.

I appreciate your help.


VendPackingSlipTrans.Qty is the quantity in purchase unit and the inventTrans.Qty is the quantity in inventory units.

Hi Kranthi,

Yeah, We put the quantity=301.320 in “Receive Now” column of purchase order then How come system updates the qty differently in InventTrans.

I also notices VendPackingSlipTrans.InventQty is same like InventTrans.Qty which is 2853.040.

Thanks Kranthi,

Hi ,

Check INV.UOM and Purch.UOM on item master details for the specific item and also you can observe the same in Purch line level

Based on Inv UOM and Purch UOM >Righclick > go to main table form > setup > select Unit conversion> here you can find the calculation in between two units in Unit conversion form

this will clear your issue.



Hi Nagaraj,

I checked item’s both Unit of Measurement (Inventory & Purch) and it is same i.e. M2. I also checked if there is any unit of conversion for this item but found nothing.

Any more suggestions plz.