InventTable and InventDim

Hi All,

plz let me know the relation between InventTable and InventDim .

Hi Moumita,

InventDim usually gets attached to item transactions (ex - sales order / purchase order line etc) and not to item master.

What are you trying to achieve?

The InventDim table manages the location of inventory. So when you have inventory transactions (InventTrans) for non-service items it has to be tied to an Item (InventTable) and an inventory location (InventDim). So InventTable is joined to InventTrans by the ItemId in both tables. The InventTrans is joined to the InventDim table by the InventDimId in both tables. A transaction has to have a valid InventDim location that is controlled by the Dimension Group (InventTable.DimGroupId) that specifies if it needs to be controlled by Location, Warehouse, Batch, Serial Number, etc. This is how it works in AX4.0. Hope this helps.