inventsettlement records


My customer has run and cancel the “inventory closing” a many times. This make the database grows very big in the inventsettlement table.

Can i delete the records in the inventsettlement table where the Cancelled status = Yes?

Will it impact on subsequent inventory closing or others functions such as reports not tally ?

Kindly advice.




You can use the Inventory Settlements Clean up job to delete the cancelled settlements.

Inventory Management → Periodic → Clean up → Inventory Settlements Clean up.

As it is a standard clean up job, i don’t think it will have an impact on others.

You can even delete the other settlement transaction apart from cancelled.

The system will delete them and will have the accumulated settlements in InventSettlement.(will sum up the settlements, this process will consider many fields while accumulating)

Thanks Kranthi,

Now i only realized that AX have function to clean inventsettlement. In this function, AX will “group posted settlement” and “delete cancel settlement” together. I will test this out.