InventQualityOrderTable InventDim reference from PurchLine

Hello all,

We are noticing that the WMSLocationID is blank on many Quality Orders that are from Purchase Orders. This is because many items do not have a default receipt location specified on the item master setup, thus a location does not flow through to the PurchLine which is where the Quality Order finds the InventDimId.

Can anyone suggest on how to receive the inventdim details from the purchase receipt? And to have that flow through to the Quality Order? It does not make much sense to pull from a PO line as that could be much different than where it is actually received ( Purchasing should not need advanced knowledge to place this on a PO Line ).


For that i believe you need to have the quality order per dimension functionality. The can be handled through the per dimension in item sampling. This feature doesn’t exists in AX 2009.


We currently have an item sampling of 1% full blocking per updated quantity.

The per storage dimension is set to Warehouse only, should we also set the Location attribute to pull this information in from purchase receipts?



Thank you much this worked like a charm.