Inventory valuation report by labor and overhead?

Hello, I would like to get some more details about inventory value report. I know it can be set up to compare financial positions for Inventory, WIP, COGS, Profit/Loss as well as deferred COGS

  1. How to run the report to show Raw Material, WIP, Defective, & FGI inventory.

  2. Inventory Valuation Report by capitalized Labor and Overhead

You need to write a report to get this information out, and in essence you need to serial control or batch control the item for full traceability and back to the production costing break down. AX posts inventory as one ledger transaction which is what the valuation uses.

Thanks Adam. How does AX handle labor and overhead variances? My labor is consumed in the Route and I typically define a cost category for it. Overhead Rate is applied per costing sheet and I have defined WIP accounts for the overheads. At the start of production when i post the picklist - the estimated cost of Raw and finished goods are posted in the production picklist accounts and when I end the production, I update the route card to capture labor and overhead changes which are posted in the Issue and Receipt accounts. When I pulled the inventory value report, it shows me the total direct labor and indirects overheads. However, is there a report or place in AX where I can see the variance? I am using FIFO.