Inventory Valuation problems (again) with 3.7B

  1. Create a new item 2. Create a PO with this new item and post the RECEIPT on 6/15/04 with $299.00 as the direct unit cost with 100 quantites 3. Create and post ship and invoice a sales order on 6/17/04 with this new item for 100 quantities. 4. Post the invoice for the PO created in step 2 with $500.00 as the direct unit cost with a posting date of 7/15/04 5. Run the Adjust Cost - Item Entries process for 7/31/04 6. Run the inventory valuation report for this new item as of date 6/30/04. You’ll notice that the quantity is 0 with a BIG negative value. I haven’t tried this with Navision 4.0 yet, but I’m assuming it’s doing the same thing. Is there anyway to deal with this? This is especially important with you add item charge into the mix… It’ll cause a lot of inventory with 0 quantity and a negative value!!! [xx(]

OMG!!! Navision is the best system in the world now!! They actually fixed it! Adding on to my prevoius topic, it turns out that if you fill in the Allow Posting From field on the General Ledger Setup, any posting dates it finds before the Allow Posting From date will be posted to the date specified on the Adjust Cost - Item Entries process!!! This way, it will not be an issue for negative costings!!! So… happy… [:p] Can’t… contain… self… [:p][Yeah!][Wow!]