Inventory transfer to Fixed Asset


I am transferring item to FA and for the same I am using Inventory to FA journal.

Now my question is system is not taking the right value which should be posted in FA.


Item - A : FIFO Valuation method

1st Purchase - 15 units - Total 1,50,000 so per unit comes 10,000

2nd purchase 30 units - Total 6,00,000 so per unit comes 20,000

Now I am transferring 5 units and system is taking 65,000 in FA which is derived by Average cost valuation method though I have attached FIFO method. And actual value should be posted in FA is 50,000.

Can any one help me how to resolve this issue.?



Inventory valuation(for issues) by default considers the weighted Avg.(Except standard cost). You need to run the inventory recalculation for the cost application according to the selected Costing Model…

Thanks Kranthi,

I run inventory recalculation. It is revaluing item which is transferred and making adjustment as per the FIFO method.

But it is not having simultaneous impact on FA. Meaning thereby when I see voucher of this entry and go to origin of the same, inventory module is impacted but not Fixed Asset module.!!

FA is still having value as per Average costing and I am having problem for calculating depreciation.!

So is this a bug in to system or can you please provide me some work around.!


Dear Jainal

I think, you sould use Acquisition adjustment for this FA with the ofsset account is the acquisition account for diference amount.


Did you find out the solution? I am facing the same issue.