Inventory Transfer or Transfer Order with Charges


AX 2012 R2 - Saudi Arabia

I am in middle of the implementation and we got the following requirement, which believe is need to be customized.

Suppose there are two sites, Site A and Site B, when we transfer from Site A to Site B we need to take care of the Charges as well.

  • Site A Inventory Cost Per Unit $10
  • Transfer cost Per Unit $2
  • Site B Inventory Cost should have been $12

I dont think so it is already availble with default MS Dynamics AX 2012 R2 ( Saudi Arabia ) Functionality.

Let me know if any one already encountered the requirment in a better way,

thanks in advance.

Did you try this using Standard Cost? Then the costs in site A can be different from site B.

Check posting if on receipt of inventory from A to B, $10 will come from A, and the $2 will be posted from the variance account.