Inventory to GL conflict AX 2012 - discrepancy caused by SO

Hi, when we ran the conflict resolution report in AX 2012, noticed that Inventory less than GL and the following error

The setting of the Post physical inventory check box for the item model group FIFO in the Item model group form in Inventory management has been corrected after the posting of this transaction.

The setting of the Post packing slip in ledger check box in the Parameters form in Accounts receivable is not correct.

We are not posting inventory when SO is packing slip updated so post packing slip is not ticked in AR parameter.

So does the above means that the SO is not invoice updated and hence the inventory is not updated?

How to balance GL to Inventory at this point? Appreciate your thoughts

Thoughts from any one? Appreciate it.

Does this mean that when SO is packing slip updated, ledger is not posted. However, inventory is deducted?