Inventory Reports/data (within D365)

Hi All:
I am looking for avenues to get the following inventory related information from D365 in a reportable format. If Inquiries/reports are available for these, it will be great. If there are Data Entities that can be utilized, that would work too.

  1. Need to identify inventory LOCATIONS that are empty (ie. have AVAILABLEONHANDQUANTITY = 0 ).
    What I tried:
    a) Go to “Warehouse Management Module > Inquiries and Reports > On-hand by location”. Select the “Include Empty Location” option.
    This provides the needed information as D365 highlights the empty location but I am not able to see these empty location when I export to Excel. It is not practical to digest this information off the UI.
    b) I see “Inventory on-hand by warehouse V2” Data Entity that shows the empty warehouses, but I am not able to located a similar entity by Location.

  2. Need to identify items/products that “move” the most in our warehouses. i.e. high-volume (by quantity) movers.
    What I tried:
    “Cost Management >Inquiries and reports> Inventory accounting - analysis reports > Inventory Analysis” may provide the “opposite” metric?

Thanks for your help