Inventory Reconciliation (Average Costing)

We are having difficulties reconciling our inventory GL to the subledger, and thought it may have something to do with using average costing. Does anyone know of an inventory subledger report, which shows all items valued in the subledger, with Qty, average cost & valuation that will tie into the GL numbers? We are using the Inventory to GL Reconcile report, but this does not provide a listing of items with Qty’s.

what version of Navision are you currently on? if you can let the forum know I am sure that someone will be able to help you.

  1. Did you check whether someone’s posting directly into your inventory G/L accounts? 2. Are you running the adjust cost processes? If you say yes to both of the above questions, then I can almost guarentee that your problem is with the timing of when you run the adjust cost process.

We are running on Version 3.6. Historically we have had entries posted directly to GL accounts, but have restricted this for over a year. We are also running the adjust cost processes (Adjust cost Item, and Post Cost to GL) prior to reconciling. My concern is finding an accurate subledger report that will show Qty on hand and valuation amount that will then tie into the GL.

Are you using expected cost posting? If you are you could run the Invnetory Valuation with this flagged on. If you are not you have to run the Invnetory Valaution in tandem with the GRNI and GSNI, and then I am unsure which costs are brought forward on these reports as opposed to those posted (you will need to check this - I am Navision less for the week in the US so cannot help [:D])

We are using expected cost posting. Can you help me out with the following: “Invnetory Valaution in tandem with the GRNI and GSNI” What is GRNI and GSNI?

Hi GRNI Goods Received Not Invoiced. Stock Received Not Invoiced Report. GSNI Goods Shipped Not Invoiced. Stock Shippd Not Invoiced Report. The expected cost posting on the inventory valuation report takes the costs on the receipts and shipments, naturally this is not the “average” cost, but it will be the costs posted to the GL with exepcted cost posting, so run the inventory valuaiton showing expected cost posting, if they do not match it will be the GL entries direct against accounts or the batch jobs not being posted. If you run the inventory valuation without expected cost posting you need to check the GSNI and GRNI reports. You can, depending upon your processing, knock all the reconciliation out.

Hi one other thing popped into my head [:D] The Inventory Valuation report looks at open entries - if you are back dating this report you will not see transactions that were open at the time but closed by future transactions, so you cannot recocile backwards. I believe you need to print it off realtime and reconcile it this way. Although this is a memory - I do not have Navision in front of me at the moment so you may want to check this!

In all current versions of Navision (up to 3.7), it’s almost impossible to reconcile a back dated Inventory Valuation report. So kick everyone off the system, run ACIE/Post Cost to GL and then do an Inventory Valuation with a date range from 01/01/01 to 31/12/99. (Remember that users can post well into the future unless the posting date ranges are set to block them).


There is a solution for your problem! I posted a link to a possible solution, which was very helpfull to us. Unfortunately it was removed :frowning:

Contact me if you want the information.

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