Inventory recaluculation in Ax4.0


i am trying to run the recaluculation for a period of 1 year and i have almost used out 100 hrs but still no signs of completion.

What could be the problem?

How do i resolve this?




Try to run Inventory recalculation for the smaller periods and see if AX completes the Inventory recalculation.

I would suggest you to run the Inventory recalculation with multi users option, where multi clients will be running Inventory recalculation which in turn completes the recalculation in a faster manner.


Satish EC

Hi satish,

DO you mean in the network environment user multiple seasons to run the recaluculation.

As i understand the instance can be only one but you can only open the other season to use inventory help to speed up the process.

If you can through in a little better light on this it would really be greatfull.

Also do you have any idea of what is the values i need to give for the following.

Maximumb throughput (5)

Minimum throughput adjustment (1)

minimum settlement quantity percent (10)

minimum settlement amount : (5)

the values indicated in the brackets are the one which we have currently set.



Hi Dinesh,

for multi user closing:

In one terminal run the Inventory recalculation, in other terminal go to Closing and Adjustment screen, calculation–>Inventory help (start calculation).

What is your costing method your Inventory?


Satish EC