Inventory Physical and Financial Cost Amount

Dear All,

While doing the Transfer order from one warehouse to another warehouse with in the site, the system calculated the Physical cost amount as 150 rs for 15000 qty, where as in Financial cost is showing as 2 crores.

Before doing transfer order, i did production order for that particular item, at that time that values are coming out correctly.

While transferring only the values are different and the adjustment amount is showing zero only.

Please guide to resolve the issue.

End production and run the inventory close to flush the costs.

Dear Adam,

Thanks for reply

After completion of production order only i did the Transfer order. And i did the recalculation also, but still the financial cost amount is showing higher value.

Please guide

Hi Mahadevan,

As suggested by Adam, run inventory close also. Inventory recalculation is not that reliable. Also increase the through put also to get more accurate result.


Hi ,

If i am in the middle of the month then how can i run the inventory close ?

You run it, it is not uniquely tied to month end.

Thanks Adam ,

If i close the period , then it will not allow to post the pending transactions ( assume that user forgot to post few purchase transactions) .

What is the solution to post those transactions?

If you close the period, nothing can be done.

But you are suggesting close the inventory ?

Hi Pranav,

If i close the inventory, i cant able to do the pending transaction for previous dates.