Inventory Period Closing in MS Dynamics Nav 5.0

Hi All,

We wanted to close inventory period in Nav 5.0. Not able to do it because there are many items (approx 19000) whose status of “Cost Is Adjusted” on Item card is False. Is there a way that we make this boolean field true or any way around to close the inventory period?

The reason for this requirement:

We run Adjust Cost batch job at the month end and finalise the inventory closing balance by running the report of Inventory Valuation (R1001) available in the system. By doing the same process again for the next month, the inventory opening balance of the current month should be the same as the closing balance of the previous month. Which is not the case here, due to ACI we run; which adjust the previous month stock as well.

If we are able to close the inventory period of previous month, then we will not facing the above issue.

Appreciate if any body can suggest the solution.



If you select Automatic Cost posting as true and select Automatic Cost Adjustment as period of ur choice then you would have always had this Boolean checked for any posting done for the Items within the selected period.

But even after selection of Automatic Cost Adjustment I always prefer to run it at the end of the month and remember selection of Automatic Cost Adjustment may make ur postings slow, the longer the period the slower postings may be, (although will vary from costing method) but shorter the period the more inaccurate the cost (before ACI) would be on valuation report. Too many contradictions but you can give a try. [:D]

Its normal and logical, that costing info sometimes change for “earlier” periods - if new info is added that affects costs.

If you restrict somehow these adjustments, you’ll get distorted costing data.
So, problem is in another place - there is NO reason for previous month’s figures NOT to change, and

is unreasonal from accounting point of view. These are OPERATIONAL (or Trial - which term you like more) data, and, as such, MAY change, if new info is added. What if you get some additional charges with 2-3 months shift in time?

So, question here is about accounting principles, not Navision functionality.

Thanks Modris and Kapil

I do agree with the suggestion of Modris, not to interfere with the system functionality. Even if we have only hundered items open for the period, Navision will not allow to close the period. And its not feasible to close the hundred items by force.

This means that almost all the customers of Navision (especially retail customers) must be facing this inventory closing issue, which must be leading to inventory closing and opening figures mismatch almost every month.

Any idea how the finance managers are coping with this situation and what financial methods they are adopting so that they dont have reporting problems?



Easily. They look at period closing figures, and don’t bother about period start figures [:D]

Once more - these are operational data, everybody knows these are approximate and maybe subject to change, but not seriously. Auditors become nervous, if changes are substantial, then they look for reasons - and usually these are bad organizational issues, when business activities and documents aren’t reflected in accounting systems in time.