Inventory parameter 'non financial-transfer - activate closing of non-financial transfers'


Does anybody have some experience with the parameter ‘non-financial-transfer - activate closing of non-financial transfers’ in the inventory module. I found a white paper about that parameter but I am still unsure whether to select this parameter or not because after activation, the parameter cannot be reset. What advantages / disadvantages does the activation of this parameter have? Does it make sense to activate this parameter for any company and what happens if you are activating this parameter in a running live environment.

Any hint would be greatly appreciated.


If you activate this Non Financial Transfers provides several benefits:

· It will Close all Transfer Orders, even if their costs are large/wrong, and those Transfers will no longer affect other non-transfer transactions’ costs

It also makes the Closes perform faster, since Transfers are closed separately.

Dear sir,

We have done Implement befor 2 month ago, can i Activate this feature now.