Inventory opening balance uploading items with batches shows quantity only in physical inventory

Hi everyone,

We just ugraded our AX version from R2 to R3 CU11. When we uploaded inventory opening balances, items with batches shows quantity in “Physical Inventory” column only of on-hand whereas items without batches are showing quantites in “Available physical”. Now when we are trying to do transactions on items with batches, it says 0 quantity is avaialable.

  • Please help me to move/copy these quantities (items with batches) from physical inventory to available physical so that we can start having transactions on these items.

One more weird issue we are facing with the receiving process through Purchase order. When we are trying to receive any item through Purchase order->Receive->Product Receipt->Selecting an item->Click on update line button for registration then the registration form simply gets closing within one second.

Please help guys.


How did you loaded the opening balances?
What is the status of related inventory transaction?
Do you receive any error during registration?

Hi Kranthi,
We uploaded inventory opening balances through DIXF framework to the movement journal. Items without batches hit correctly but items with batches are showing quantity only in physical inventory.
And we are unable to do receiveing process through PO, as we click on registration button it opens for a while and immediately getting closed.

can you post a screen shot of inventory onhand or look at what other quantity fields in on hand have the value?
You may have to debug to identify the issue with registration form.

What is the status of the batch?

Hi Kranthi,

Please find the below screen shot of inventory on hand.

In test environment, registration form is opening whereas in PROD environment there is an issue. Now I cannot debug the code in PROD as it has no debugger and visual tools.


Hi Adam,

How will I find the batch status. I dont see its status.

Bring forward the batch dimension on that screen and navigate to it, the status is from the batch disposition code, look at that record and the status.