Inventory Notification

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I have question on how to setting up notification for inventory level when on hand available quantity below the safety stock

ie : Item A have safety stock 10.000 pcs in item coverage setup, if for some reason (inventory issue/sales order picking) the inventory level become under safety stock quantity then how to setup the notification ?

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This is the calculation master planning does with suggested orders, you can also run teh critical on hand stock report, but you cannot write an alert due to the nature of the requirement.

thank for your reply Adam,

in master planning there is suggested orders generated by system, but still my client could not satisfy because they still need to check the plan orders result directly.

I try to drive my client by using the critical on-hand inventory report. and looks like could accept it with some condition. right now, i’m still consulting this issue with the senior programmer inside my company whether they could write customization to cover this requirement or not

Why not set the firming time fence to 5 days, so any order you need to raise in the next 5 days gets auto-firmed by planning, then you filter on teh open purchase orders where the document status is none to see what it created, and print out the ones you want. Not something I would recommend as a lack of control, but it they want to automate it and are 100% confident in the supply chain and data being used then go for it.