Inventory movement journal/couting journals


Where can I find the posting set up (the ledger accounts) for inventory movement journals and counting journals?


Against the inventory model group and inventory tab (Profit and Loss)

Both of them use the same settings?

It depends if the business wants to see profit and loss split or not.

In profit and loss journal you are not required to mention offset account while in movement journal you need to mention that.

So, inventory receipt and issue account in item group is same for both movement and profit loss journal while inventory profit and loss account is primarily used as offset account for profit and loss journal.


Go to Inventory management > Setup > Posting > Posting > set ledger accounts in Inventory tab and transfer order tab.

Answered that the wrong way. Both will remove the stock from the associated inventory asset account. The profit and loss/counting journal hits the profit and loss accounts depending upon the nature of the transaction. With a movement journal you define the expense account on the journal