Inventory level calculation in Navision

how does the inventory level feature in navision work? i seem to be confused with all the setups that navision has for inventory level control. even after reading the manual and trying it out, i can’t seem to make sense out of it. what does the fields below mean and how do they work? 1. maximum inventory 2. reorder point 3. reorder quantity 4. minimum order quantity 5. maximum order quantity 6. order multiple

Hi Jordan, The fields you have specified will work when you are trying to use Requisition Worksheet or Planning Worksheet. Read the manual again and try to alter the quantities specified in the test case and use the Requisition Worksheet. You will definitely get some sensible outputs from it. All the Best, Regards, Srini

Hi Jordan. In 3.70 the structure of this changes so depending upon your settings certain fields become non-available, I believe in earlier versions the fields simply are not used. I will assume you know the meaning of each field but in essence they work in conjuction with the reordering policy. If I take these in turn you will hopefully see: Fixed Reorder Qty.: 1 is irrelevant, 2-6 are used. Maximum Qty.: 3 is irrelevant, 1, 2 and 4-6 are used. Order: 1-6 are not used. lot-for-Lot: 1-3 are irrelevant, 4-6 are used. In versions lower than 3.70 the reordering policy can be found set against the requisition method code on the item card. I hope this helps.

Hi everyone, In this case is not difficultly for using.First you must specific the Requisition Method in the Inventory Setup and assign the relevant entry to the Item Card that you want.After that you must specific those fields such as Maximum Inventory,Reorder Point,Reorder Quantity,Maximum Order Quantity,Minimum Order Quantity and so on.The next step you enter the entry in the Item Journal by specific the quantities less than the quantities in the Reorder Point field.After that go to the Requisition Worksheet in the Purchases & Payables area and use the Calculate Plan function which you must specific or not the relevant item you want in the request form and click the OK button,the program will procress your request and show the out put in the worksheet. Thank you sir.