Inventory - Items and SKU's in Computer Hardware Industry

We’re a computer hardware company approaching the NAV platform for our first ERP solution.
Many aspects of the software appear very approachable and agreeable; however the inventory setup is somewhat difficult to comprehend at first. The following questions are really baffling me and any advice would be kindly appreciated.

  1. Why is current inventory quantity not clearly available/visible within the ‘item’ section? This figure is available within each item card but seems bizarrely hidden from view in the general item overview.

  2. What is the relationship between Item and SKU? It seems that SKU’s are one tier below ‘items’ but how do they relate when handling orders and physical inventory? Can an order contain and item OR a SKU? How is that defined when SKU’s reside only ‘within’ items?

In dealing with computer hardware inventory we have several requirements for a ‘tiered’ structure of inventory. It seems that this is quite obviously available within NAV but the correct configuration is eluding me. To cite an example therefore may be the best option here.
We stock many models of Intel Xeon CPU. Each model can have up to 4 different unique variations ‘step codes’ and when used in dual or quad configuration, all 4 ‘step codes’ must be identical.
Within inventory, it seems that we would therefore have the Xeon CPU model as ‘item’ and the variations would be SKU’s.
Given this, when creating a sales order, would we be able to simply select the item ‘Xeon CPU model XYZ’? And if so would that automatically choose from the SKU’s within that item card?
I fully acknowledge that I may well me completely missing the point somewhere here. But hopefully if anyone can understand my explanation, they may be able to quickly and easily guide me in the right direct.

Indeed, if anyone has further insights into NAV functionality within the computer hardware sector I’d be most keen to hear your thoughts.

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Check the Variant Code Functionality of Navision.

Yes, thank you for that. I’ve seen the variant code but it didn’t answer my questions i’m afraid.

  1. When you say general item, what do you meant? If you are saying when you click on a dropdown for item selection, that is not available but you can add it using development environment at the Item table with group fields function.

  2. SKU is especially use for the sake of replenishment planning when you need to plan your inventory by locations. Variant with SKU manufacturing module does not work well. Usually current users used it for location planning.

I appreciate your efforts guys, and please don’t think i’m being intentionally rude, but i’m afraid neither answer has shed any light on this for me.

In response Adrian.

  1. ‘Item’. The section of NAV which is called ‘item’ and has ‘items’ within it. When I click on ‘item’ I am not shown any inventory levels. This strikes me as utterly bizarre and leads me to believe that I must be missing something important.

  2. This doesn’t resonate at all. In my mind a ‘SKU’ is a unique item/product. Therefore, what is an ‘item’?