Inventory-G/L Reconciliation Report crashing the SQL Server

Hi All,

My client received the following problem when they run the Inventory-G/L Reconciliation report in navision 6.0:

When we run the Invent. G/L Reconciliation report and, In some cases, when almost all user are connected to Navision, after 3 or 4 hours of processing it is causing a crash of the database server

  1. All user connected to navision in that moment loosed connections to Navision.

  2. We reviewed the log entries of SQL server and found this entry : LazyWriter:warning no free buffer found.

  3. We tried to stop the sql service from Service Manager , but it doesn’t work

  4. We had to turn off the Server Machine ( it was the only way). Then we turned on again the Server Machine.

  5. And we run the report directly from Navision Server and it took approximately less than 2 hours

Please suggest some solutions.


Welcome to DUG!!!

Have you tried to run the report when all user logged out ??