inventory entry of Sales Order


Anyone please help me on this.

I have some sales orders that doesn’t post inventory in GL.

If i navigate the GL entry it only posts DR - Accounts receivable;CR - Sales. No entry to adjust the inventory.

I already checked its General posting set-up and inventory posting set-up. The combinations are correct.

I also checked the vendor’s gen.bus. posting set up and the item’s location and gen. prod posting set-up.

What other set-up do i need to check?

Thank you.

Hi Katrine,

Did you check Inventory setup.

Automatic cost Posting check-box must be TRUE for this. The cost automatically posts to GL if this is set to TRUE otherwise not.

Check and let me know the status.

yes it is checked.

Does the sales order have completely posted or only sales shipment is posted ?


I already found the problem. Unfortunately it is data/encoding problem.

Thanks for your usual help. :slight_smile: