Inventory dimension site

Hi All

I am Dynamics AX-2009 implementor & doing setup for Purchase order through Accounts payable module. When try to ceate purchase order, dynamics is giving me error as “Inventory Dimension site is mandatory & must be defined”

please give me solution…



You need to setup the dimensions for the item, go to Inventory button → Dimensions display and enable the dimensions you have set as mandatory in your Dimension group.

HI Girish,

You need to mention the dimension for the item creating the purchase order…it can mentioned in Purchase order form in the lines in Dimension tabe need to mention the dimension for the item…

Naresh Kolli

The site is the site you are purchasing it into, within a site is a warehouse. This is a pretty fundamental part of the system driven by the dimension group and the fact you have sites enabled. Basically as the other posters state, show the dimension from the dimension display and then tell the system where you are purchasing it into, or alternatively set the items default order settings with a site and then put the item on the line again and it will populate it for you.

Hi Naresh

could you please give the path where I can set dimension site or show me entire purchase order setup information



Vendor - Purchase Order Tab - Site

Item - Setup Button - Default Order Settings - Purchase Tab - Purchase Site.

Purchase Order - Stock Button - Dimension Display - Tick Site and Save Setup

Thanks Adam