Inventory Closing Vouchers - Identifying The Related Item Number

I’m working on Dynamics AX 4.0 and would like to know exactly how do I find out what items the ICV value relates to following a Close & Adjust. For example, I have £11k in an expense account in the GL. It is coming from an ICV voucher from a C&A, but I don’t know what item has been adjusted… Am I missing something?
Many Thanks,

You check the related settlements from closing and adjustment in Inventory management.

Inventory management → Periodic → Closing and adjustment. Select particular record and click on Settlement (It is from AX 2012, I hope it is same in AX 4)

Thanks Kranthi.

It has worked to a degree. The settlements shows on an item by item basis, it does appear that the ICV voucher group together items, so it is just a question of trying to find out which items now make up the ICV total…… Thanks again for your advice and expertise!

I didn’t get you. You can see the list of items from Settlement form.