Inventory close and adjustment

Hi All, can any one explain me whats exatly the functionality of Inventory close or Adjustment. There are 5 functions Close,Recalculation,Adjustment Onhand,Adjustment Transaction avialable for this. Whats the purpose of all this functions and how exactly the operations are happening. I am little new to this functionality…any help with example will be gr8. thanks Aks

The close and adjust functions are vital to ensure that your inventory is correctly costed, but it is too complex to answer your question in detail. There are detailed explanations in the manuals - have you read these? If you have a specific question please ask.

Dear Amar, Close - is for closing the inventory, so no transaction can happen on it. Only the last closed inventory can be deleted and adjusted and closed again. Adjustment onHand – is for adjusting only the onHand inventory - i.e. OnHand amount and quantity. Adjustment Transaction - is for adjusting the inventory transactions like purchases, sales, (receipts, issues), etc. Recalculation - is used to recalculate the inventory without the need of closing the inventory. It is used for daily or weekly calculation of inventory value mostly by finance department. i hope this gives u a preliminary idea and yes read the manuals as Adam has said. with best regards vaibhav

One thing to remember is that Goods Received Not Invoiced do not get adjusted in the General Ledger. This is a basic flaw in the system.

Hi All, Thnaks for your replies. I have another doubt on Physical inventory by item group report ( IM ->Reports → Balance → Physical Inventory → Physical Inventory by item group) . what is the difference between the fields Floating value and Physically posted. I am really confused on these two fields. when i take this report , for some transactions ( for the status Received/deducted) , the value comes exact for both the field. But for some transactions the value comes Zero in physically posted field where value appears in Floating value field. For some transactions the difference between these two fields is very less ( like Floating value = 20.3984 and Physically posted = 20.4000). Can any one expalian me…how system is calculating for these fields… Thanks and Regards Amar

I believe a floating value is essentially one that has not been financially updated. Les - GRNI postings are a standard in Axapta. Mark the stock model group to ‘post physical stock’ and set the PO parameter to ‘post delivery note in ledger’ (updates tab). You’ll then just need to define the delivery note and delivery note offset accounts in the posting profile.

Hi Adam, We have ‘Post physical stock’ set on the stock model group and the PO parameter set to ‘post delivery note in ledger’. The offset accounts are set up but, when we revalue the on-hand stock, anything that is GRNI does not get re-valued. [?] Les

Thanks a lot for all your replies. Yah Floating value is , which that has not invoiced. It is (Received qty. - Deducted qty.)* costpricePcs. Any more description for the above report will be a gr8 help 2 me. Regards Amar