Inventory by variant vs location

Hello all

Could you help me to see inventory availability by its variants vs location?

Thank you in advance.

Where do you want to see it (page, report, external by CU)?

In any cases - you need to see all data in the table 32 (Item Ledger Entry).

P.S. But if you need Bin, then warehouse entry only.

From wherever its possible. On Item Ledger Entry table, Item and its location can be seen, but variants are lacking. I want to know available amount of each variants which are registered in one item code ( as one item) by location.

The field 5402 “Variant Code” (Code 10) here from version 3.60 or 3.70 (I don’t remember now).

Use the dataset sequance: Item->ItemVariant->Locaion

Where do you want to build it?

Not available in the core solution. You (or your VAR or ISV) will need to add it to your solution.

I have made a factbox for several of my customers showing five columns: Description, Location1, Location2, Other locations, Total

For lines I show Inventory of the different variants.

I also added lines with outstanding qty on Sales Orders and Purchase Order and Transfer Orders.

Users can drilldown into the qty fields and see the exact item ledger entries or document lines.

It is quite easy to make for a developer.

Why dont you pull this in Excel by running once for Variant and once for Location and then compare!!


If you put all open Item Ledger Entries for the item in Excel, you could just make a pivot table to show exactly what you need based on the sum of remaining qty and having variants and locations as rows and columns.

You can use the LIMIT TOTALS filter and specify which Variant you are interested in.